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Welcome to Ergonomic Lifting where we provide solutions and systems utilizing automated material handling equipment to easily and safely lift and move a wide variety of objects, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing risk and cost associated with worker injury. The featured solution of Ergonomic Lifting is RonI, Inc..  RonI products are flexible, adaptable, efficient and can be customized to meet your current and future specific ergonomic lifting and material handling challenges.

Materials handling is easily one of the largest cost components of a product, operation or service and we at Ergonomic Lifting believe a job is best done when done in the most efficient and accurate manner. Employees in the materials moving and production related occupations are among the highest in work related injuries, with the back being the most frequently injured part followed by multiple body parts then finger, knee and head. These injuries can be ruinous to workers and employers alike due to the volume of lost work days and the worker’s compensation costs associated with them. Employees can help prevent these injuries by practicing safe handling techniques and employers by implementing ergonomic lifting solutions with the use of ergonomic material handling equipment and understanding the correlation between workplace design and the jobs workers are required to perform to ensure maximum proficiency between process and worker.

Ergonomic Lifting understands these principles and offers a variety of products and resolutions to address effective ergonomic interventions of manual material handling tasks, thus improving productivity, product quality, profitability and overall business competitiveness. The capacity for reduction in injury related costs alone make material handling and ergonomic interventions advantageous.

Ergonomic Lifting is brought to you by (Your Company Name), an authorized dealer for the (Your Dealership Area). (Your Company Name) has been providing ergonomic lifting, material handling and storage solutions for the (Your Region) since (Year). Together (Your Company Name). and (Manufacture)are proud to provide customized ergonomic lifting and material handling solutions to the(Your Region) industry professionals.

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